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We simply deliver

The Faber Group consists of several specialist pooling and production businesses. Our production businesses produce and market pallets, boxes and other packaging solutions for a wide variety of sectors. Our pooling networks (IPP, PAKi and PRS) operate extensive circular economy systems using reusable handling assets across Europe.

A sustainable business

Through a highly motivated workforce, excellent customer service and a focus on circularity and re-use of resources, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and provide complete peace of mind to our customers; both with regards to their logistical challenges and their increasingly important sustainability goals.

Manufacturing wooden products since 1891

At Faber Group, we have been producing wooden pallets and boxes for a long time. A lot has changed since the early days, but some things remain the same: to this day, we are a family-owned business, seeking expansion, but staying true to our roots.

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