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Faber Halbertsma Group sells Faber, Phoenix, Packaging Partners & Pasec to Foresco Group

09 Sep, 2020 | published at 14:30 CET

The Faber Halbertsma Group has reached an agreement with Foresco Group over the sale of its Dutch and Belgian pallet production companies Faber Pallets, Phoenix Pallets, Packaging Partners and Pasec.

All company buildings and production facilities are included in the acquisition and all employment will be fully preserved, with all staff transferring over to Foresco Group.

The Faber Halbertsma Group is originally a pallet production company and has evolved in recent decades by reusing its products through its ingenious circular model.

The company is now a leader in the rental of pallets and crates through its four associated pooling businesses and its timber trading company, with 720 employees and a turnover of €330 million.

Foresco Group is a Belgian manufacturer of custom-made pallets and wooden packaging and market leader in industrial packaging. With the acquisition, it has grown into a group with a turnover of €125 million and 500 employees in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Ingrid Faber, CEO of the Faber Halbertsma Group, said: “We have paid close attention to the individual production companies in recent years. They have received a lot of investment and have been extensively reorganised, which means they are in good place.

“The focus of the Faber Halbertsma Group is increasingly on the pooling of wooden and plastic pallets, boxes and crates throughout Europe. As a result, production companies are less suited to the group's strategy, so it is a perfect time for a takeover of the production companies.”

Jan Ponnet, managing director of Foresco Group, said: “The acquisition of these production companies strengthens our position in the Belgian market and also brings us a significant position in the Dutch market. In this way, we continue to build to be the leading supplier of wooden pallets and packaging in the Benelux.”