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Faber Group Sustainability Report

Sustainability is embedded in the core of our circular load carrier pooling business and in our hearts! With the Faber Group Sustainability Report, we now make our efforts and ambitions tangible and visible. The report outlines our Faber Group sustainability strategy and Faber Development Goals. It also includes the result of a baseline measurement of our footprint as Faber Group as a whole, per division and per type of activity. We used this to set tangible KPI’s to eventually become a ‘net-zero’ company by 2045.

Click this link to read our Sustainability Report! Or download it below.


When it comes to sustainable, responsible business practices, Satim complies with all the relevant certificates. Satim is fully ISPM certified and, as of Q3 2019, also PEFC certified.

PEFC - PEFC/30-31-1257

FSC® - FSC/C151448

Our Sources

We procure timber from, among others, Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland and the Baltics.