Satim celebrates PEFC and FSC certification

Trees Satim

05 November 2019

One of Europe’s leading timber suppliers is celebrating receiving two industry accreditations which reinforce its commitment to sustainability.

Satim is now officially certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Both certifications give businesses and consumers the knowledge that any wood, paper and other forest products handled by the company are sustainably produced and sourced.

Satim, which is part of the family-owned Faber Halbertsma Group, was set up in the Netherlands in the 1960s as the company’s in-house source of timber for wood factories.

It is now one of Europe’s leading providers of quality timber for the pallet and box industry, with offices in the Netherlands and Belarus and an extensive network of transporters and suppliers.

Satim sources timber from all over Europe, with sources in Belarus, Scandinavia, Germany and the Baltics.

Pieter Krook, Director of Satim, said: “We are very proud of this achievement as it proves the wood we use in our products comes from sustainable sources.

“This focus on sourcing sustainable materials which enter into a virtuous cycle of repair and reuse is embedded in the values of our companies.

“It’s further proof that all of our production methods are carefully considered to ensure they meet the very highest ethical and environmental standards.

“Thanks to Satim, sustainability in the supply chain of pallet production and pooling for Faber Halbertsma Group begins right at the source.”