The Sustainable Timber Procurer

At Satim, our purpose is to carry impact. We are member of Faber Group and support their ambition to create a better world through circular business models, facilitated by continuously improving our sustainable value chain. They have selected the three most relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals to which we want to contribute and made them our Faber Development Goals.

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12 - Responsible Consumption and production

By sustainable sourcing of the raw materials of our load carriers, maximizing the usage of our circular load carriers by our customers and partners, maximizing the lifespan of our load carriers over time and maximizing high-value processing at the end of their end-of-life stage.

13 - Climate Action

By minimizing the carbon emissions for our customers and partners by using our load carriers and minimizing the CO2-emissions of our own logistic operations and at our depots. We strive to reduce our scope 3 footprint per trip by 30% in 2030.

17 - Partnerships for the goals

Being part of supply chains, we realize our goals in cooperation with our customers, retailers and business partners such as load carrier manufacturers, logistics service providers and depots.

Faber Group Sustainability Report

Sustainability is embedded in the core of our circular load carrier pooling business and in our hearts! With the Faber Group Sustainability Report, we now make our efforts and ambitions tangible and visible. The report outlines our Faber Group sustainability strategy and Faber Development Goals. It also includes the result of a baseline measurement of our footprint as Faber Group as a whole, per division and per type of activity. We used this to set tangible KPI’s to eventually become a ‘net-zero’ company by 2045.

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Our sources

Sustainability is one of our main concerns when sourcing timber for our customers at home and abroad. Luckily, sustainable timber is becoming more readily available. Satim exclusively deals with completely trusted, environmentally aware growers of wood.

We procure timber from, among others, Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland and the Baltics.

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Peak & Plateau

Our sustainability approach covers the full scope of care for people, planet and society – which has been recognized with a Platinum Ecovadis rating three years in a row. This we consider the basis (Plateau) of our sustainability ambitions.

However, we want to do more where we can have most impact (Peak). We have assessed the footprint of our business and found that approximately 85% origins from our (purchased) load carriers and transportation.

We're creating a better world through our circular business model, facilitated by continously improving our sustainable value chain. The 7 impact areas visually summarizes this.

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